Fashion Drawings in Colored Pencils

I never considered myself to be talented at drawing, I like drawing but never pursued this hobby constantly, till this year, when I saw that Buburuza Cu Ghetute enroled in a drawing challenge, 365 days of drawing, one drawing per day. So I said why not try too? I couldn't draw every day, but some days. You can see my month January in drawings on youtube. In this article I will post my fashion related drawings. Enjoy. Don't be critic, I do it for fun only. I recommend this hobby, it's nice and relaxing, and not expensive at all, drawing pencils are like 15 lei. 15-30 min per day for this is not a lot.


25.03.2024 Orange and green outfit

24.02.2024 Film Dragoste la foc mic

24.02.2024 Atelier Broderie la Rafia Studio Cta (inspiratie)

22.02.2024 inspired by a photo from fb of
a site that helps you learn how to sew your own traditional blouse, ia

2024.02.12 Romanian peasant woman in traditional clothes

2024.02.03 woman meditating in field


2024.01.03 girl reading

2024.01.09 Lady Cupidona 
> became a Valentine's Card

2024.01.14 girl with long black dress and a red bow 
- inspiration Sinziana Sooper video

2024.01.15 woman in black blouse, skirt 
- inspiration Leanne Ansar photo

2024.01.20 woman dancing in the wind in long dress

2024.01.23 woman in short pants and brown blouse 
- inspired by Madalina Bucur story

2024.01.27 Vampire lady in blue dress


2016.09.06 woman in steam punk costume and wings
- Burning Man Festival inspired

2016.09.11 woman in bathing suit, inspired by a dream

2016.09.13 woman on phone

2016.09.16 dreaming of our wedding

2016.09.30 - Arsenal Park inspired

2016.10.25 Dior inspired
2016.10.27 Cool Cat, Halloween Costume


2017.10.31 Cool Bunny, Halloween Costume

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