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Free courses @AFP - Digital Investigation Techniques

Follow the steps of a modern Sherlock Holmes, take some free Digital Investigation Techniques classes.   I found out from the Instagram account of the journalist Cristina Bazavan that AFP (Agence France-Presse) organizes free courses for journalists and students in journalism. ( Cititi mai mult pe blogul ei .) I am neither but still I am interested and I need to be better in my searches so I enrolled.  You can find the courses at The courses are short, about 45 min -1 hour to follow each. I studied so far these courses: + 1. Carry out searches efficiently to find the results you need , very useful, teaches you how to search for information on google and other search engines using operators and also searching by date + 2.   Find when a photo or video was first published and who published it , also useful, teaches you how to reverse search for an image on google images or other image search engines, and also how to search information

What inspires me?

@answear_ro organizes a contest on Instagram: #lifespirationstartshere They ask what inspires us and motivates us? 1. Well, I'm inspired to work at my desk. Every morning it's my time with myself at my desk. I work on different projects, I write in my journal, I read. All in this predominantly white space. What inspires you? 2. Nature also inspires me. Small treasures I find in my garden and not only fill me up with simplicity, beauty and calm. Does nature inspire you too? 3. My daughter, Ioana-Amelie inspires me, she is so curious and full of life, she is adorable! 

Giveaway de toamna

Am organizat un #Giveaway pe Instagram. Ma apropii de 500 de urmaritori si urmeaza si ziua mea, pe 1 noiembrie si am zis ca ar fi frumos sa fac un giveaway de toamna. Toate sunt produse personalizate cu design facut de mine. O bluza cu #FridaKahlo, o sacosa de cumparaturi #faraidinceai, un calendar pentru a nota #zileledenastere ale celor dragi. Vedeti conditiile de participare pe instagram.

CluedUpp Games - The Constanta Ripper

"Think you have what it takes to catch a serial killer? CluedUpp is an exciting, outdoor detective adventure - and it’s coming to Constanta on Saturday the 23rd October 2021." I've seen in July the ad for this game on Facebook and was intrigued by it, I visited their website and decided with my husband, Catalin that we wanted to attend. I bought the ticket, about 179 lei/ 36 euro for one team ticket. The team could be 2 to 6 people. One/ Two weeks before of the game we received an email with some information about the game. The starting point, in Piata Ovidiu and some other details. We downloaded the CluedUpp app and created accounts for the game. I added the voucher number to the game and everything was set. The day of the game finally arrived. We could have started the game anytime between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. The game ended at 5 p.m. We started at about 10:15. We chose a team name, The Wabits, comes from the Rabbits but with the first letter changed to W because our name

10 tips to wake up earlier

     Photo by Moose from Pexels  edited by me to show 4 a.m. Video in English: 10 tips to wake up earlier RO: Cum sa te trezești mai devreme dimineața. Diminețile pot fi foarte productive. Daca ai nevoie de timp pentru tine ca sa mai faci anumite lucruri, trezitul mai de dimineața poate fi o opțiune. Mai e opțiunea sa stai mai mult seara, dar atunci intervine oboseala după o zi întreaga si poți sa nu fii la fel de productiv, e in funcție de metabolismul si preferințele tale. Eu una prefer diminețile. Câteva idei pentru a te ajuta sa te trezesti mai devreme:  1. Fa-ti de cu seara planul pentru ziua următoare, fa o lista scrisa cu ce ai de făcut dimineața. Asta te va ajuta in clarificarea "de ce" te trezești mai de dimineața. De ce? Pentru ca ai treaba! 2. Pune telefonul/ ceasul cu alarma mai departe de pat pentru a trebui sa te ridici din pat pentru a opri alarma. 3. Odată trezit/a si oprita alarma nu te așeza la loc in pat! Suna evident, dar tentația e mare. Du-te in alta c