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European Institute of Design (IED) - The Art of Branding. I found out about this event because I subscribed a log time ago to mails from and I happened to see the email. I didn't go to Graphic Design University in my 20's, I went to Automatic Control University at UPB Bucharest, but I found out about IED classes and I was intrigued, studying graphic design in Milano? but the fees were high, plus in another country so I didn't continue the idea. It remained a nice dream though. But returning to the workshop, I thought it would be an interesting experience participating at this workshop, and indeed it was. The subject of the workshop was Branding, both personal and company branding. To get an idea of the subject we had to think about both aspects. The workshop was held by Ginevra Franchi, IED Alumna and Ambassador and moderated by Laura Calin which you provably know from V for Vintage.

The event took place at NOD Makespace, Bibilioteca de Materiale, Bucharest
quite an interesting place, indeed containing a library of samples of different kinds of materials.
More photos later / at the end of the article. 

European Institute of Design (IED) has scholarships available. Even a scholarship competition till 15 November 2023. You have to present yourself with creativity and send your application. See all scholarships available at 

The brief: Tell us about yourself: 
1. How would you define yourself?
2. What are you passionate about?
3.  Why would you like to study in Italy or Spain?
Focus on something related to the Undergraduate or Foundation course you are interested in and write a short text, of about 2000 characters, to tell the reasons behind your proposal, your source of inspiration and the creative process that guided your work. For each question you should develop at least 2 photos, pictures or drawings. 

Your scholarship application could be structured like this.

After presenting the scholarships the branding presentation started and also the workshop as we had to answer questions independently or as a team, each table of 6 people would make a team. We had to answer things like present yourself using 5 core values, create a brand and define its core values, name it, define scope of business, it's competitors direct and indirect, it's buyer persona, etc.
Find your difference, your identity. How do other people recognize you?
Brand recognized trough Brand Values.
Touchpoints, it's a common message, the same values repeated in ads, in services, in stores, in products, in customer experiences. There is a vocabulary of elements that repeat themselves so many times that you recognize the brand instantly.
Ikea example:
+ collaborations with designers
+ not very expensive
+ accessibility
+ functionality
+ design
+ sustainability
What they communicate well and in what area they need more work?

Our team made a fashion brand. The core values: sustainability (+circularity), slow fashion, timeless, multi-functional, innovation, design. 

2 girls talking in a break

And the materials library had many materials from textiles to ceramic to concrete.
textile materials

material that slows fire down

small plastic tubes material


concrete with glass

and a beautiful autumn tree viewed from the window

Don't forget... Do your thing! what are you passioned about? What do you like?
Illustration made by me. Slogan found among ING Bank's promotional materials. I liked it and said I'd try to give it a shape for myself. My things are from left to right, clockwise: to organize myself, to keep a diary, to read, to write letters, to spend time with my family, to take pictures, to dress nicely, to drink coffee/tea, to work in graphic design, to cook and eat delicious food, to garden, to give gifts. I tried to write creatively the slogan, each letter in a different way
My core values are:
calm, creative, esthetic sense, inventive, sensitive
If you are a teen, did you think to what university you will apply? If you are over that age, what university did you attend? Were you happy with the experience?

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