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Adriana, 33 ani, medic epidemiolog si profesoara de engleza. Are un cont de tik tok adry.h  cu 21500 de urmaritori, waw! O gasiti si pe instagram la  healthy.adry . Tinuta e alcatuita din: haina de la bunica ei din Germania, o doamna foarte eleganta, rochita roz Pull&Bear, poseta Sinsay, cizme CC Young. Maria : Mi-a placut tinuta Adrianei, predominant roz dar cu acea haina larguta in nuante de gri foarte şic. 

Light up your world

AD: Christmas is coming and you can consider buying more lights to make your home even more beautiful for the season. You can buy them now as some of them can be put no matter the season. 

When I was little we had a natural Christmas tree every season, we would decorate it with different Christmas globes and decorations and… lights. I had a box full of lights, they were star water lily flower like lights and I like them very much. But they had a problem if any of the lights would have an imperfect contact the whole string wouldn’t work, so my father had to check them every year to make sure it was working. Now, with modern lights I didn’t encounter this problem, thanks God!

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This starfish light can go on your wall no matter the season. It's solar energy powered, so charges during the day and lights up at night time. Available in different lengths. 

Starfish LED Solar White String Light Waterproof Light for Outdoor Yards Decoration, $14,13

For a marine look, you can hang a fish net over your bed, on the wall, and put this starfish lights in it with other marine decorations, it will look amazing. Also, you can do this decoration if you have a marine type of wedding like I did

For a more Christmassy look you can opt for classic star shaped lights, you can hang them on your Christmas tree, on your wall or put them on your furniture. They will enhance the atmosphere of your home. 

Another Christmassy type of led are the snowflake ones. Available in different lengths. I have a string of lights similar to this and I put it on the shelf every Christmas. I don’t have other lights as the Christmas tree I have has built in lights so there is no need for supplementary lights. But these lights I've showed you are so nice that I'm considering buying some more lights to hang on the curtains or on the shelves. 

At the Xmas Twinkle Star online shop they have other shapes and colors for the lights, I like the strawberry shaped ones and the lemon shaped ones as well. They also have lights for curtains and also lights for outdoor/ patio lights. Also a selection of Christmas trees and balloon decorations. They have free shipping to Romania. Go check them out. 

What about you, what kind of led lights to you have? Do you plan to buy more?

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AD: I f you are in the process of loosing weight a body shaping lingerie could be of help. This type of lingerie accentuates your curves, smooths the lines of your body into your best shape. Whether you want it to flatten your tummy, tighten in your waist, slim down your thighs or lift your buttocks this special kind of lingerie can help. You can buy one that takes care of the lower part of your body or one that is a full body shaper. You can think that this kind of lingerie is restraining and it’s good only for special occasions, but it’s not the case anymore. If you select well your size, now you can wear this piece of garment daily, to work for example.  I have bought myself a butt-lifter but I bought it mostly because I like the advantages that the pants bring.  You can see butt lifter shapewear  on the site.  In summertime my feet rub one against the other and that causes me to have rashes on my thighs, so for me the only good solution that I found is wearing t

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Tinutele mele de pandemie: 2021.11.27  Imi plac mult culorile din aceasta tinuta: camasa animal print H&M, pantaloni verzi si geaca Massimo Dutti, botine grena Jacobs, rucsac piele Suveran 2021.11.16  pantaloni Massimo Dutti, bluza bej Zara, guler fals si maneci Aliexpress, botine animal print 2021.11.13  blugi Stradivarius, camasa Aliexpress , botine Humanic masca Printado, design facut de mine Fa rai din ce ai , 44 lei masca Printado, design facut de mine, Frida Kahlo, 44 lei     mi-am cumparat o curea neagra Stradivarius  2021.11.07  Am fost la City Park Mall la Cinema City la filmul Eternals. Port pantaloni kaki, helanca bej, geaca grena toate Massimo Dutti, tenesi animal print Zara, poseta targ Pavilionul Expozitional, masca de la Carturesti 2021.10.30  Am fost la City Park Mall la Cinema City la filmul Dune. Am purtat: camasa animal print H&M, cardigan Zara, pantaloni Medicine, botine animal print, mini-poseta.  2021.10.23  tinuta de alergat prin oras pentru  a gasi crim