Body Shaping Lingerie

AD: If you are in the process of loosing weight a body shaping lingerie could be of help. This type of lingerie accentuates your curves, smooths the lines of your body into your best shape. Whether you want it to flatten your tummy, tighten in your waist, slim down your thighs or lift your buttocks this special kind of lingerie can help. You can buy one that takes care of the lower part of your body or one that is a full body shaper. You can think that this kind of lingerie is restraining and it’s good only for special occasions, but it’s not the case anymore. If you select well your size, now you can wear this piece of garment daily, to work for example. 

I have bought myself a butt-lifter but I bought it mostly because I like the advantages that the pants bring. You can see butt lifter shapewear on the site. In summertime my feet rub one against the other and that causes me to have rashes on my thighs, so for me the only good solution that I found is wearing this type of lingerie, with short pants. It’s a thin but resistant lingerie that you can wear under any summer dress and you won’t have any problems anymore. I liked this pair of panties (only $9,70) because they are in beige, natural color, they have beautiful lace, and not many seams. They help reduce the tummy, lift the butt and smooth the thighs. 

If you want one piece of lingerie that puts your whole body in a better light you can choose a Full Body Shaper. I liked this full body shaper ($19,41) because it’s seamless, looks easy to put on and get off, it’s in a natural muted color so doesn’t interfere with the colors of your outfit.  

Another full body shaper option is this one ($9,91) with a deep cleavage, perfect if you wear a blouse with a cleavage. Most models are available in black also, but I prefer beige ones.

Another lingerie that I own is this kind ($2,58), that provides tummy and butt control. It's classic, seamless and perfect for everyday use. 

You can find more similar products on the site. Transport to Romania is by China Post, about $5.15 and arrives in about 30 days or $20.55 by Fedex and arrives in 7-9 days. 

What kind of body shaping lingerie do you use and recommend?

This post is a sponsored post. 

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