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interview by Tanya Petrova, Editor for Bulgarian Magazine - Intro

Who are the people behind your blog?
 - My name is Maria Tudor and I'm the only one responsible for the moment for Urban Style, street fashion blog of Bucharest, Romania 

How did you come up with the idea of your blog? 
- I really admire the work of the other Street Style photographers all around the world. I wanted to contribute and try to document the street style of Bucharest too. 

Since when are you doing your blog and what makes you go around streets/parties and ask people to stop and pose for you? 
I initiated this project in September 2007 and ever since November 2007 I’ve tried to post on a daily basis. This blog is a hobby, not my main activity, the people I photograph are people I meet during the day or at events (mostly cultural) that I attend. I try to show a part of Romania with an emphasis on what's beautiful about it, people, places, healthy activities or even daily routines. I have the faith that this could bring hope and inspiration to the people seeing them, hope that things are changing and changing to the better in our country and inspiration to be more daring and creative themselves. For me fashion is mostly about creativity. I believe that we are all born with a degree of creativity that we can increase during our lifetime by practicing a creative way of thinking, even in combining our clothes. For those who give it a chance, I think that fashion taste can be cultivated. There are individuals that are born with great fashion sense but most have to work for it. We all have the potential to learn, we’re simply at different levels of visual culture. It matters if you’re motivated to learn more or not. You just have to stay open, to see more, analyze more (what/ why you like and don’t like), have the courage to try more, accepting the possibility that you can make mistakes, but knowing that you will learn from them. The Internet is a valuable resource where people can access information and communicate, I'm using its power to make available photos with people of Bucharest for anyone interested in our culture. 

Do you have any favorite designers, brands? Please, name them.
 - Since I started this blog I came to discover and like many Romanian fashion and accessories designers but Urban Style tries to emphasis more on the creativity of mixing the clothes, which means it’s about personal style more than clothes and name brands.

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