Romanian Fashion Blogs 2023

Some say blogging time has ended, that now Social Media with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is in charge of everyone's interest. I say differently, people are still searching on google for different things and so they land on blogs. I like blogging, and although I don't do it as much as a few years ago, I still write here sometimes. 

I received recently an e-mail from Anuj from stating that UrbnStyle blog is among the top 25 fashion bloggers in Romania. It is actualy number 4. I was like OMG, how that happened? You can see the list of selected blogs on this link: They said that Feedspot editorial team extensively searched on Google and social media websites to find the best Romanian Fashion and ranked them based on several factors such as: Blog content quality, Post consistency, Age of the blog, Average number of shares on social sites for your blog posts, Traffic of your blog and more.

I searched for information about feedspot and I found good things and bad things, for some people it is helpful site for some a little pest. I decided to give them a chance though and write this article. Their top list of blogs is not the best list, some blogs should be higher ranked than me and some blogs I don't know why they are on that list (partly because they didn't post anything in 2023), but it is an inspiration if you search for current fashion blogs in Romania. So I was inspired to write this article and make my own list of fashion blogs in Romania, but not necessarily ordered.

1. My top pick is Irina Markovits's, Style Diary. Irina is a style consulting and fashion journalism professional blogging about aesthetic, stylistic, visual, and creative education in today's setting. She posts almost daily and on instagram and regularly on the blog. 

2. I also follow Liana Popa from She describes herself as being Art History graduate, advertising woman, dog mother, crazy about paintings, sun, minimalism, stories, coffee and silence. She makes some beautiful compositional planches with various things she likes from leaves and other natural things to clothes and other everyday objects. She also sometimes gives original fashion advices and has a creative personal style. 

3. Ioana Dumitrache shares her fashion wisdom along with her personal story and efforts taken to become a leading fashion blogger in Romania. Discovery the latest collection from her showroom, styling tips, lifestyle advice and more in her blog.

4. Alina Aliman the founder of is a fashion journalist passionately covering dazzling stories of the vivid lifestyles and cultural experiences throughout Romania and the rest of the world.

5. Dana Rogoz posts about Outfits, Trendy wear tips & recommendations, in Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and many other female-focused categories. She also shares snippets from her personal life. Dana Rogoz is a Romanian Actress, Influencer and Beauty blogger.

6. Read the latest published articles on Fashion, Beauty, and wellness from is a Lifestyle site created by journalist Cristina Bazavan where you can find news about theatre, film, music, dance, and musicals, recommendations for places to eat fine cuisine at affordable prices, and places to take your children on the weekend for fun educational activities.

7. Discover the fashion trends of the moment, fashion news, the latest collections from famous designers, unique fashion presentations, and must-have clothing pieces, but also cool & stylish recommendations from ELLE editors. ELLE produces relevant content for women on topics ranging from news to fashion and from celebrities to social causes, providing quality information and opinions about current events.

FeedSpot complet list but ordered by number of recent? posts.

Do you still read blogs in 2023? Do you know other Romanian fashion blogs that you recommend to be included in my list? Please leave a comment with it/ them. Thank you for taking time to read thus far. Kisses, Maria!

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  1. Oana Alexandra Tudose22 aprilie 2023 la 18:35

    Pe Ioana Dumitrache și Dana Rogoz le citeam intr-o vreme ..acum le urmăresc pe Instagram

  2. Mie inca imi place sa citesc bloguri si chiar mi-ar placea sa se scrie mai des pe blogurile existente.