grey jeans maxi skirt


1) long denim grey skirt

In the mood for denim/ jeans maxi A-line skirt. Photos generated with @bing AI.

Inspiration is photo 2,3), a skirt I bought from @hm and I love it even though it's a bit small and dark grey, I am not mad about the color, but it was the only option available. Anyway, I wanted to give it a try to wearing skirts. All my life I have been a pants kind of gal, they are so easy to wear, but I want to give skirts a try too (I am only in my 40's lol)

The Ai images: I asked AI to generate stylish mixes of grey clothes, to keep the same color, but with different textures. I just love long grey cardigans, don't you?

Do you wear skirts? How often? How do you style them?

Have a nice day!

2) me, I'm not very stylish but it was a cold day,
I had to wear suitable clothes... but all in all I like it.

4) midi jeans skirt

5) pencil skirt

6) grey maxi skirt

7) knee length skirt

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