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Interview by Karen Leong, a freelance journalist in London, for Runwaymagazine. Runway is the inflight magazine for Sky Europe.

1. Tell me more about streetstyle in Bucharest.
It's extremely varied depending on financial possibilities, age, occupation and the desire to be associated with a specific group. The photos tell the story better so I invite the interested people to visit the blog and see for themselves.
2. Where in Bucharest do you go to get the pics for your blog?
The people I photograph are people I meet at events that I attend or simply during the day, on the street, in the park, at the market.
3. What do you do for a living? Please also include your full name and age.
My full name is Maria Tudor. Sorry but I prefer not to disclose other information.
4. How did you get into blogging about streetstyle?
I really admire the work of the other Street Style photographers all around the world. I wanted to contribute and try to document the street style ofBucharest too. I try to show a part of Romania with an emphasis on what's beautiful about it, people, places, healthy activities or even daily routines.
5. What do you look out for in people for your blog?
I photograph people that catch my attention either because of a nice, interesting combination of color, garments, accessories or simply because they represent a trend.
6. Where are the good spots for people watching in Bucharest?
:) I rely mostly on chance, I do not stay put in one place for "people watching" But there are higher chances to see interesting people at events and on some important Bucharest streets.
7. Where do the trendy/stylish people go in Bucharest?
Well of course like in any big capital they go in fancy clubs, restaurants, terraces, cultural events, parties, fashion shows, fashion fairs, store openings, malls, etc.
8. What do young people do in Bucharest?
Depending on their interest, apart from the obvious daily routine there are clubs, terraces, cultural centers, theatres, cinemas, malls, movie festivals, art expositions, parks,  meetings of various clubs depending on their preoccupations, plus there is a growing number of events(concerts, parties) organized in Bucharest so they often have from what to choose from (alternative culture has the highest appeal for young people).
9. Who are your favourite designers?
Since I started this blog I came to discover and like many Romanian fashion and accessories designers but Urban Style tries to emphasis more on the creativity of mixing the clothes, which means it's about personal style more than clothes and name brands.
10. Whose personal style do you admire?
I admire a personal style which is elegant, with a unexpected creative touch, well defined to suit the persons personality and body type.
11. Tell me more about what's great about living in Bucharest
I personally  love Bucharest because of it's contrasts, the apparent grayness and dullness of it all behind which if you are patient enough you can discover color and creativity.

12. What are your city's fashion strengths?
Young, creative and ambitious designers, imagination in finding stories and characters, openess to underground, urban and alternative culture of the young generation,..

13. Where do you go to shop in your city?
I don't have some fixed places to shop: mall, designer stores, no name shops, fashion fairs (for selfmade, young designers' and vintage items) and even second hand shops (especially for accessories).

14. Could you be more specific about trendy places to hang out? Providing the names of places and events. 
There are many interesting places to go to in Bucharest but I can only recommend places which I personally like and frequent and where I've made photos for the blog:
Events at Cultural Centers, the most active are the Romanian, Czech and French ones
Clubul Taranului Roman, alternative music concerts, traditional Romanian art expositions and parties
The theaters, opera house
Events at the student house
Art Galleries
Cinemateca Eforie, old movies screenings, film festivals
Orange Concept Store, alternative music concerts, movie screenings and other events 
Carturesti Bookstore and Teahouse, events, expositions
Grandma's Backyard fashion fair in La Scena
Clubs: Fabrica, Session,..
I attend events at these places but I do not always take photos.
I didn't take photos so far for the blog but are definitely worth noting: National Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Center of Dance, La Motoare terrace and theater, Green Hours Club and Terrace, Cool Cat Club

15. Could you provide me with names of a few Romanian fashion and accessories designers you've discovered while working on your blog? 
Designers: Ana Alexe, Kinga Varga, Zasha, Irina Marinescu, Olah Gyarfas (for Rozalb de Mura), Alina Ene, Maria Ciubotaru, Ancient Future,KittenWear, Button, Naïve Design, NOKO, AlienApeStarArt;
accessories wise there are: Burp- nevergrowup, Carla Szabo, Mihaela Zvinca, Kuki ConstantinescuIrina Moise, Buburuze, Gourmandise,Cinnamon & Cloves,  Aiurea Shoes, Chic not Chicken, Lucruri neobisnuite (I wrote them in random order) you'll find some of their creations and sometimes a photo with the designers themselves on the blog.

16. How would you describe the fashion sense in Bucharest in general?
like in any europen capital there are the ones with good fashion sense and there are the rest with not so great fashion sense or interest in the subject

17. Would you say expressing themselves through fashion is important for Bucharest's youth?
to some yes, it's important

18. Has the internet exposed people in Bucharest to fashion trends in London, New York and Paris? Has it affected their individual styles?
yes. probably

19. In terms of fashion icon/role model, is there someone the general public and youth are obsessed about? 
you're asking the wrong person. I don't know

20. How is Bucharest's fashion unique from other cities?
It's more of a mix of casual/ hippie/ trendy/ chic/ creative with an emphasis on casual and confortable clothes yet a confident attitude:) That is my conclusion from what I see on the street.

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