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Diana Maria: Bluza ei dantelata mi-a atras atentia. Bluza era purtata cu o poseta mica rosie si pantaloni din catifea bej. Mi-a zis ca bluza a fost cadou, asta da cadou inspirat.

Bulgarian Magazine - Intro

interview by  Tanya Petrova,  Editor  for Bulgarian Magazine - Intro Who are the people behind your blog?  - My name is Maria Tudor and I'm the only one responsible for the moment for Urban Style, street fashion blog of Bucharest, Romania  How did you come up with the idea of your blog?  - I really admire the work of the other Street Style photographers all around the world. I wanted to contribute and try to document the street style of Bucharest too.  Since when are you doing your blog and what makes you go around streets/parties and ask people to stop and pose for you?  I initiated this project in September 2007 and ever since November 2007 I’ve tried to post on a daily basis. This blog is a hobby, not my main activity, the people I photograph are people I meet during the day or at events (mostly cultural) that I attend. I try to show a part of Romania with an emphasis on what's beautiful about it, people, places, healthy activities or even daily routin