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Runway Magazine

Interview by Karen Leong, a freelance journalist in London, for Runway magazine . Runway is the inflight  magazine  for Sky Europe. 1. Tell me more about streetstyle in  Bucharest . It's extremely varied depending on financial possibilities, age, occupation and the desire to be associated with a specific group. The photos tell the story better so I invite the interested people to visit the blog and see for themselves. 2. Where in  Bucharest  do you go to get the pics for your blog? The people I photograph are people I meet at events that I attend or simply during the day, on the street, in the park, at the market. 3. What do you do for a living? Please also include your full name and age. My full name is Maria Tudor. Sorry but I prefer not to disclose other information. 4. How did you get into blogging about streetstyle? I really admire the work of the other Street Style photographers all around the world. I wanted to contribute and try to document