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Free courses @AFP - Digital Investigation Techniques

Follow the steps of a modern Sherlock Holmes, take some free Digital Investigation Techniques classes.   I found out from the Instagram account of the journalist Cristina Bazavan that AFP (Agence France-Presse) organizes free courses for journalists and students in journalism. ( Cititi mai mult pe blogul ei .) I am neither but still I am interested and I need to be better in my searches so I enrolled.  You can find the courses at The courses are short, about 45 min -1 hour to follow each. I studied so far these courses: + 1. Carry out searches efficiently to find the results you need , very useful, teaches you how to search for information on google and other search engines using operators and also searching by date + 2.   Find when a photo or video was first published and who published it , also useful, teaches you how to reverse search for an image on google images or other image search engines, and also how to search information

Runway Magazine

Interview by Karen Leong, a freelance journalist in London, for Runway magazine . Runway is the inflight  magazine  for Sky Europe. 1. Tell me more about streetstyle in  Bucharest . It's extremely varied depending on financial possibilities, age, occupation and the desire to be associated with a specific group. The photos tell the story better so I invite the interested people to visit the blog and see for themselves. 2. Where in  Bucharest  do you go to get the pics for your blog? The people I photograph are people I meet at events that I attend or simply during the day, on the street, in the park, at the market. 3. What do you do for a living? Please also include your full name and age. My full name is Maria Tudor. Sorry but I prefer not to disclose other information. 4. How did you get into blogging about streetstyle? I really admire the work of the other Street Style photographers all around the world. I wanted to contribute and try to document