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Free courses @AFP - Digital Investigation Techniques

Follow the steps of a modern Sherlock Holmes, take some free Digital Investigation Techniques classes.   I found out from the Instagram account of the journalist Cristina Bazavan that AFP (Agence France-Presse) organizes free courses for journalists and students in journalism. ( Cititi mai mult pe blogul ei .) I am neither but still I am interested and I need to be better in my searches so I enrolled.  You can find the courses at The courses are short, about 45 min -1 hour to follow each. I studied so far these courses: + 1. Carry out searches efficiently to find the results you need , very useful, teaches you how to search for information on google and other search engines using operators and also searching by date + 2.   Find when a photo or video was first published and who published it , also useful, teaches you how to reverse search for an image on google images or other image search engines, and also how to search information

geanta-plic de la Elizabeth

Mai tineti minte Concursul fetelor de la Bucharest-Style  de care va ziceam pe facebook ? Ei bine... a m CASTIGAAAT! norocul a tinut cu mine si numarul meu(13?!?) a iesit castigator prin Tin sa le multumesc fetelor, Raluca si Silvia dar si brandului Elizabeth fara de care acest concurs nu ar fi fost posibil. m-am si gandit cu ce s-ar asorta acest simpatic plic auriu cu ceva din din dressingul meu, si mie mi se pare ca se vede foarte fain contrastul verde-turcoaz cu auriu :-) abia astept sa port rochita si plicul :-)